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Visit to the Airport

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

On the afternoon of Wednesday 13/09/2023, students from the Philadelphia School took a guided tour of the Afonso Pena International Airport – SBCT in São José dos Pinhais, where they were able to see the entire structure of the airport up close and follow a good part of the day day of the operations carried out there.

With support from the companies CCR Aeroportos CWB and WS Engenharia e Manutenção de Aeronaves, the little ones went on this incredible trip, which yielded a lot of learning, surprises and news for everyone.

The children heard a little about the history of aviation and some important guidelines related to operational safety. They were instructed about the risks that June balloons, laser beams, kites and incorrect waste disposal can cause to aircraft.

The little ones were able to watch various operations such as landings and takeoffs in the aircraft yard, learn about aircraft and the work of the Fire Fighting Section (SCI).

Of course, this tour was unforgettable and yielded lots of photos! You can check out some of them in the gallery below.

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