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School Uniform

The use of the school uniform facilitates the organization and identification of children, ensuring safety inside and outside the school environment.

In addition to ensuring visual standardization, the uniform is an element that stimulates a sense of responsibility in children, teaching them about the importance of taking care of their clothing and personal belongings.

At Philadelphia School the uniform is mandatory for all students and consists of a blue T-shirt with the school logo and blue pants, shorts or skirt with a stripe on the side with the school's identification. 

Uniforme Escola Filadélfia

The uniforms are made with comfortable and resistant fabrics, taking into account freedom of movement and practicality for the little ones.. those who want can customize their uniforms by embroidering the student's name.

Uniforme Escola Filadélfia

We recommend the following options for seamstresses to acquire the uniform:

My Diamond:


Address: Street. Giocondo Dall Stela, 361, Quissisana.

Contact: +55 (41) 3283-2117 / +55 (41) 99106-6517

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JJ Uniformes

Address: Street. Miguel Jarek, 253 - Quissisana.

Contact: +55 (41) 3586-1560

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