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Back to School 2024

Updated: Feb 8

With great joy, on 02/01/2024 the Philadelphia School opened its doors to welcome students on the first day of school. The day was already full of anticipation, early in the morning the after-school students were welcomed warmly to start another year. The decorated and colorful environments were waiting to become spaces for learning and exchange.

The afternoon was light, perhaps with a little crying (for the little ones who entered our school for the first time) but they were soon warmed by their teachers with great affection. For elementary students, anxiety also appeared, but to find out what their class would be, to discover the new teacher, and to reunite with friends. This moment was still marked by laughter and new friendships.

The devotional time, with all the classes, was to get to know and/or remember to praise God with music, also to listen to the biblical story and pray!

At the end of the day, expressions of gratitude and enthusiasm revealed the promise of a year full of learning and growth.

The first day at Escola Philadelphia was special, there are still 199 more days to come and we ask God for direction and wisdom to overcome them!

Check out some records from this day below:

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