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School Bus

Many parents have work schedules that are incompatible with school entry and exit times, making it difficult for them to keep up with their children on a daily basis.

The school shuttle service assists children and their families and is a convenient and safe option to ensure students arrive at school on time and reliably, giving parents peace of mind in knowing that their children are being picked up and brought home safely. security.

The Philadelphia School is serviced by private school transportation. If you are interested in contracting the service, contact the suppliers directly and check the conditions.

Tio Alex

Contact: +55 (41) 98796-5085

Neighborhoods Served: Quissisana, Jurema, Jardim Krichak, Jardim Antares and Riacho Doce

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Tio Jair

Contact: (41) 9946-4818

Neighborhoods Served: Quissisana, Jardim Fátima, Jardim Antares e Riacho Doce

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