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The team plays a key role in the care, development and education of children. Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who work together to ensure the well-being and progress of each child.

At Escola Filadélfia, we have a team committed to the integral development of children, made up of: direction, coordination pedagogical, regent teachers, classroom assistants and a psychologist. Also fundamental in this teamwork are the support professionals who work in the most diverse areas such as: secretary, kitchen, janitorial and general services.

The principal plays a crucial role in the management and proper functioning of the school. The director is responsible for leading the pedagogical and administrative team, ensuring that the school's vision, values and objectives are achieved. One of the founders of the school is a missionary, and today he works together with the direction offering emotional support, guidance and intervention when necessary. Their work contributes to the healthy development, promotion of mental health and academic success of children.

Diretor Escola FIladélfia


Irineu Messias

Fundador e Psicólogo Escola Filafélfia

Peter Unruh

Missionary, Psychologist and Founder

Our pedagogical coordinator plays a key role in guiding and supporting teachers and attendants. She holds pedagogical meetings, offers resources and is always available to listen and support the team. Its role is to ensure the quality of teaching and coherence between educational practices, in addition to establishing partnerships with families and monitoring the development of children.

Pedagoga  Escola FIladélfia


Krislaine Prestes

We have experienced teachers in the care and education of children in the infant and elementary age group. They are responsible for planning and implementing pedagogical activities that stimulate children's cognitive, socio-emotional, motor and linguistic development. In addition, they promote the creation of a welcoming and safe environment, so that each child feels valued and respected.

Professoras  Escola FIladélfia

Regent Teachers

Professora Voneide  Escola FIladélfia

Kindergarten Teacher III


 Professora Escola FIladélfia

Kindergarten Teacher IV


Professora Vilma  Escola FIladélfia

Kindergarten Teacher V


Professora Ester  Escola FIladélfia

1st year teacher


Professora Ana Flávia  Escola FIladélfia

Teacher 2nd Year A

Ana Flavia

Professora Juliana  Escola FIladélfia

Teacher 2nd Year B


Professora Voneide  Escola FIladélfia

3rd year teacher


Professora Cristine  Escola FIladélfia

4th year teacher


Professora Roseli  Escola FIladélfia

5th grade teacher


Our classroom assistants work in partnership with the teachers, helping them with the daily care of the children. They accompany the activities, help with hygiene, food, sleep, and are always attentive to the individual needs of each child. Your presence and affectionate interaction are essential to establish affective bonds and promote an environment of trust.

Professoras Auxiliares Atendentes  Escola FIladélfia

Attending Assistant Teachers

Jessica, Amanda, Rachel and Isabele

Support professionals play an essential role, contributing to the proper functioning and to adequately meeting the needs of children and families.

They contribute to the administrative organization, handle tasks such as customer service, reception, records and other activities. They play an important role in the internal and external communication of the school, they act in the maintenance and cleaning of the school facilities, in the logistical support and in the adequate feeding of the children. 

Your work is essential to create a welcoming, safe environment conducive to the development and learning of children.

Secretário  Escola FIladélfia



Equipe Serviços Gerais  Escola FIladélfia

General Services

Paula and Samuel

Secretária  Escola FIladélfia



Preparando Burrito


Alexandra and Zuleica

Voluntárias  Escola FIladélfia

Volunteer Teachers

Helga and Lucy

Voluntária Mirian  Escola FIladélfia



Voluntárias  Escola FIladélfia

Volunteer Attendants

Quézia, Rebeca and Yasmin

At Escola Filadélfia, we value teamwork, continuous training and partnership with families. We believe that, through the collaboration and commitment of our team, we can offer a quality education that contributes to the growth and future of each child.

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