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Be part of our mission - Make a donation today!

We believe that every child deserves access to a quality education, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Our school is maintained by MISSÃO APOIO CNPJ: 79.080.255/0001-61, which is an entity non-profit which, among others, aims to provide a quality education that empowers and transforms the lives of our students.

To continue fulfilling our mission, we rely on the generous support of people like you. Every donation we receive helps us offer scholarships, improve our facilities, invest in educational resources and provide a stimulating learning environment.

By making a donation to Escola Filadélfia (MISSÃO APOIO), you are helping to build a better future for children. Every contribution, regardless of amount, makes a difference and has a direct impact on the lives of our students.


Benefits of your donation:

  • Transform Lives: Your donation helps provide a quality educationquality, enabling students to have a bright and promising future.

  • Equal Access: With your contribution, we can provide scholarships to children who would otherwise not be able to attend our school.

  • Continuous improvement: We will invest the funds received to improve our facilities, purchase teaching materials, train our employees and update our technological resources, providing a better learning environment.


How to make your donation:

  1. in-person donation: You can go to the school office in person and let us know your desire to support our work with a donation. Donations can be made in cash or by credit or debit card.

  2. PIX Donation: You can also make a bank transfer through PIX.


NoOur PIX key is: 99B80AC5-C571-4456-85A7-8149D28E6201 . If you prefer, you can scan the QR Code below:

When you make your donation, we will send you a receipt.


Thanks in advance for your support and generosity. With your donation, we are building a better future and empowering the next generation.

Join us on this transformative journey - Donate today and be part of the change!

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For additional information please contact us:

Telephone: (41) 3098-1806

Opening hours: sMonday to Friday: 08:00 to 17:30

Social media:

You can also find us on the following social networks:

  • Instagram: @escola.filadelfiaa


Address:R. Dirceu Montanarim, 11 - Quissisana, São José dos Pinhais - PR, 83085-080

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